12 Advantages of outsourcing software development

More and more companies think to outsource software development. Why?

Because custom software development is becoming more and more popular, and prospective projects have their own requirements - technologies, specialists, time, and money.

Few companies can afford to maintain a staff of highly qualified software development specialists with varied skillsets to keep up with competitors.

In this case, software outsourcing development truly becomes the most cost-effective option. 


In this article, we’ll explore the 12 main advantages you get if decide to outsource software development and how software outsourcing services can help you reduce costs, save time, and deliver a great product.


№1 advantage of software outsourcing: Timesaving 

When we say you can save time with software outsourcing services we don’t talk about the whole amount of time spent on completing the full product development cycle. Such calculations depend directly on the scale of the project itself, and this is unique in each case.

It may take several months to create a native or cross-platform Mobile Application, and up to several years to develop complex web platforms, for example, using RPA & Business Automation.


One of the important factors that affect the speed of software development is specialists. If you want to staff your own team, you must deal with the hassle of recruiting and onboarding processes.

Getting the right candidate to your door takes skill, dedication, and experience. 




According to Glassdoor, the average employer spends around $4,000 and 24 days to hire a new employee. 







Moreover, 72.8% of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled candidates, and 45% of employers are concerned about finding employees with the necessary talents (ManpowerGroup).


Now add additional time for the distribution of duties, staff induction, training and networking within the team... All those hours begin to add up and could have been better spent on furthering your project.


Instead, software outsourcing development gives you a break from all these issues. Your outsourcing partners’ team of specialists already has:

  1. an experienced, interchangeable staff
  2. established communication channels 
  3. proven working methods


It means that with outsourcing development you save time and money by avoiding:

  1. candidate prospecting and selection
  2. numerous interviews with potential employees
  3. staff onboarding
  4. a quick search for new employees in case of force majeure during an active project (dismissal, sick leave, etc.)
  5. staff training for missing skills


Taking into account all organizational aspects, planning stages, and development, with software outsourcing services you can save up to 50% of the necessary time on average compared to in-house development.

It may be necessary to contact the vendor and approve parts of the project at times but this is trivial compared to the number of labour hours you save as a result. Meanwhile, you can focus on the core business and pay attention to issues that are crucial but usually have to be deprioritized, such as brand promotion, researching or marketing investing. 


№2 advantage of software outsourcing: Cost-savings 

There are 3 main factors that affect the cost of outsourcing development:

  1. No cost on non-core tasks of your business
  2. Payment for working hours only
  3. Outsourcing company location


According to the first two points, by outsourcing development you save money due to the following:

  1. rent
  2. equipment depreciation 
  3. support and further software development
  4. education and training for employees
  5. hiring HR professionals
  6. regular employee benefits and taxes


Even with the most conservative estimates, all of these cost tens of thousands of dollars a year.


If we divide software outsourcing services by types, we get: 

  • Homeshoring
  • Nearshoring
  • Offshoring 
  • Onshoring

Many companies that offer software outsourcing services are based in countries that have significantly cheaper labour rates for skilled employees. Unfortunately, often too low a price is directly related to low quality.




When you considering to outsource software development  do not chase the cheapest prices. The consequences often outweigh the savings. Many remember the sad example of Boeing, which crashed due to a mistake in the code made by developers. To avoid the pitfalls that result in an endless search for developers who can fix the mistakes of their predecessors, then get ready to pay for high quality.


Having analyzed this situation from a web development point of view, we described the main causes and alternative solutions here for your cost-effective collaboration strategy of outsourcing software.



Estimate and compare the price of your project with the USA, West Europe and Poland.

You will be pleasantly surprised :)




№3 advantage of software outsourcing: Transparency of pricing

Isn't it great when you know what you're paying for? 

The costs of software development are clearly explained and predictable due to the transparent pricing of software outsourcing services. Usually vendor sites either have special online forms for calculating the cost of the project, or price-lists with a description of the services and their cost. 


For example:


or something like this:



Thanks to online forms, at the very initial stage you can:

  1. Understand the scope of projects the company works with.
  2. Familiarize yourself with what questions to ask during your first conversation with the contractor.
  3. Note the level of qualification of a potential Software Development Partner as well as his interest in working with you. On average, obtaining an estimate on a project takes about 24 hours. Some highly competent software houses can do this in 12.


There are plenty of tools on the internet that allows you to enter some parameters of a software project, such as functional points, etc., and will produce an estimate of how long it will take to complete the project and how much it will cost. But such software is rarely accurate and the margin of error in the final amount can still be quite high.


You should keep in mind is that an experienced software outsourcing company does not focus so much on a fixed price but rather on an individual approach to the client, taking into account the features of the project.


The key to getting the most accurate estimate of your outsource software development project is having a descriptive Software Requirements Document. With it, an outsourcing partner plans the distribution of resources correctly, sees possible risks and ways to avoid them, and optimizes approaches to work. All of this affects the final budget of your project.


In our practice, we often assist our clients in creating SRS including when we provide software outsourcing services. This helps us to understand the essence of the project, to plan the work most effectively, and avoid extra costs for our customers.


№4 advantage of software outsourcing: High-quality services

Due to ever-increasing competition in this busines software development companies must continuously improve their quality of services to remain competitive.  

The main characteristics that distinguish a high-quality outsourcing company are:

  1. the consistent improvement of technology stacks used
  2. internal optimization of processes
  3. a focus on using the newest methods and tools for solving problems


How can you tell the difference when search for the right software outsourcing company?

Be sure to pay attention to:

  • the corporate site - as a rule, there is information about all achievements and awards in the field of development
  • portfolio  (no projects - no experience)
  • customer reviews - use trusted platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms


To avoid a costly mistake when choosing a partner company, we suggest reading our post Ultimate Guide On How To Choose The Right Custom Software Development Company For Your Project


It is also wise to investigate how the company is represented on social networks and other popular platforms used for exchanging professional experience (e.g., Quora). This will give you a better idea of the competence of the prospective outsourcing development partner.



how much it costs to develop an app


№5 advantage of software outsourcing: Cut the risks in half

In 2015, Statista defined 8 leading reasons for software project failure.  They are still relevant today.




 The risks are an integral part of work on any project. The good news is that outsourcing significantly reduces most of them:

  1. Poor SRS - solved with active participation in its creation or the timely introduction of necessary changes
  2. Key employees quitting and lack of niche skills - remedied by having the necessary number of competent, interchangeable employees or the ability to find such replacements immediately.
  3. Poor management - Mitigated with proven methodologies tested on many projects
  4. Risk of project delays, time constraints, and underfunding - reduced with in-depth analysis of the project including the PoC and MVP stages 


The costly expenses associated with in-house development, including mistakes by your own team, are avoided thanks to using an experienced and professional software outsourcing company who performs these types of tasks regularly. 


Another comforting fact is that an outsourcer as a legal entity will cover the damages from any problems that may occur with their company’s assets and their required insurance.

Therefore it is arguably much safer, and possibly cheaper, to outsource software development and reduce the risk of failure.


№6 advantage of software outsourcing: Confidentiality is paramount

Worried about the data that the software outsourcing company will have access to?

Don’t worry. Oftentimes an outsourcing development partner provides better security of confidential data than the company's own staff.  According to the 2019 Thales Data Threat Report, this is one of the TOP 5 most common sources of a data leak.  




For software outsourcing services, confidentiality and protection of information are mandatory, and essentially guaranteed by non-disclosure agreements


As for the contractor, in case of violation of the NDA, not only will relations with the client suffer but also his reputation in the outsourcing services market.

Thus, guaranteeing the security of sensitive information is paramount for a good vendor.


№7 advantage of software outsourcing: Certified specialists

A successful software outsourcing development project needs a good team of specialists who are well-versed in their niche disciplines.

The issue is that often companies simply cannot afford to hire highly skilled specialists.


 To develop your product you’ll need a lot of them:

  1. web developers
  2. iOS developers
  3. server developers
  4. web designers
  5. project managers
  6. data processing specialists


All of them may be too expensive for onboarding, considering the costs:

  1. salaries
  2. vacations
  3. sick leave
  4. high skills development training

Furthermore, the process of screening and hiring qualified specialists is often not easy.


On the other hand, an outsourcing development provider ensures that its certified specialists are highly qualified and interchangeable. As a rule, their certification is approved by diplomas of specialized educational institutions and certificates of training or advanced training.


here, at YSBM Group, we have a staff of diverse specialists and can quickly source the necessary expertise at any stage of the project. For us, the cost of acquiring such talent is significantly lower than the cost of hiring the same employee full-time. Thus, our clients can be absolutely sure they have the best specialists working on their software outsourcing development project.


№8 advantage of software outsourcing: Experience 

“If you want to know the taste of a pear, you must change the pear by eating it yourself. If you want to know the theory and methods of revolution, you must take part in a revolution. All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience.” - Mao Zedong


Good software outsourcing companies are considered as those with extensive experience in various projects of different sizes, complexities, and costs. 


Specialists of such companies are well versed in solving problems and finding the best solutions for each specific case because they face these challenges on a routine basis, e.g:

  • Optimization of frequently performed tasks when various activities are already described in certain algorithms
  • Automation of routine processes, which saves significant amounts of time
  • MVP approach to check the viability of an idea with minimal time and money 

When you outsource software development you can use the experience of an outsourcing development partner. Thus, you are basically guaranteed to get a successful result.


№9 advantage of software outsourcing: Non-stop service

When the project is developed by an in-house team you have to deal with: 

  1. recruitment 
  2. team formation
  3. motivation
  4. accounting (calculation of salaries and bonuses, vacations and sick leave, deductions to funds, taxes)
  5. equipment issues 
  6. software licenses, etc.


When you outsource software development, these are no longer issues of yours!


For example, if someone gets sick or quits the company for any reason, the vendor can quickly onboard a replacement and ensure the project is completed on time.

The work with an outsourcing software development partner is structured to allow for greater efficiency in managing the project.


This is achieved by:

  • the use of agile development methodologies that allow you to quickly respond to even the slightest changes in product requirements
  • convenient communication channels, which make it possible to get all the necessary information from responsible persons in a timely manner and hold regular reporting conferences
  • proven project management systems that allow you to monitor all stages of the project


In cases of time zone differences, professional software outsourcing service providers are willing to tailor their work schedules to customer needs. This dramatically improves the interaction of all involved parties and makes the work on the project as transparent as possible.


№10 advantage of software outsourcing: Partnership at all stages

As we said before, when you outsource software development to a professional software outsourcing company, you don’t need to:

  • assemble a team
  • assign responsibilities 
  • organize control over the work process 
  • сoncern yourself with other related tasks

 Your outsourcing development partner will take care of all this for you. 


An experienced Software House is not only writing code but also has a clear system of interaction and communication with the client.


A reliable outsourcing development partner is always ready:

  • to discuss approaches to work and recommend the best options
  • to provide a timely report on the next development sprint completion
  • to make the necessary changes when needed


Here at YSBM Group, we take pride in building lasting partnerships with our customers upon a solid foundation of trust. We believe this is critical to not only achieving all project goals but also exceeding our client’s expectations.


№11 advantage of software outsourcing: Focus on success

When you want to outsource software development you should know that the main goal of any software outsourcing company is to create a product that will take its rightful place in the market. Therefore they are truly interested in achieving the best results at all stages of product development.


It’s possible to discover the intentions of an outsourcing partner early in the stages of negotiation. 


Pay attention to whether or not they:

  • have their own vision of developing your product
  • offer improvements/additions to your project, demonstrating a strong desire to make your product as competitive as possible. 


Frankly, it’s a win-win scenario for both the customer and the provider of software outsourcing services. The client receives a high-quality product, and the contractor significantly increases its rating and reputation on the market.


№12 advantage of software outsourcing: Huge variety of software outsourcing companies to choose from

According to Statista, the European IT-outsourcing market is expected to grow to approximately 103.9 billion U.S. Dollars this year. The same growth trend is observed worldwide.


The result is greater availability of quality services for reasonable prices as software outsourcing companies compete with each other to acquire and please their customers.


Highly qualified outsourcing development providers are always ready to consult with customers to determine their needs and offer ideal solutions. They gladly demonstrate their experience, portfolio, recommendations, and also perform free test tasks when appropriate. This helps the vendor prove its abilities to the client and show its ideal fit for the software outsourcing development.


Closing thoughts about the advantages of outsourcing software development

Considering all of the aboveю it’s not a bad idea to outsource software development. Many companies and startups can get benefits of outsourcing software development especially when there is a lack of financial and human resources. 


With software outsourcing development you:

  • will be spared from the time-consuming processes of searching for high-class specialists and building a winning work strategy
  • can save money
  • can be always sure of high-quality software outsourcing services
  • will not worry about the confidentiality as well as the security of your data
  • get the guarantees of partnership with software outsourcing company on all stages


To minimize mistakes when outsourcing software development, learn more about “How To Outsource Software Development To Get Good Results, Not Pain”



If you have a challenging project and can’t decide where to start or what exactly you need…

Drop us a message and we would be happy to help find the best solution for you!

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