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12 advantages of outsourcing software development

Recently, the number of IT projects has been growing steadily. Today, businesses are well aware that narrow specialists always win against generalists. Even though often for small and medium-sized companies maintenance of such specialists in staff does not pay off as their services can be quite expensive. This is when outsourcing comes into play. We gathered 12 main advantages of outsourcing when it can help you to create a great product, save you money, time and your sanity.

1. Time-saving 
Outsourcing allows the management of the company and key employees to focus entirely on the core business, giving it all the attention. When outsourcing, the organization redistributes resources that were previously involved in secondary functions and directions. The team of specialists of your outsource partner has already established all the working processes. So there is no need to waste time on it. While the outsourcing development company is working on your project, you have a great opportunity to focus on the main tasks of the company. You can pay attention to the promotion of your brand, do research or invest in marketing. Of course, there will be a necessity to contact the vendor and approve parts of the project at times, but this is nothing compared to the amount of free time you save as a result.

2. Cost-savings 
Mostly, savings can be achieved by avoiding non-core business processes expenses like:

  • rent
  • equipment depreciation
  • support and further software development
  • education and learning for employees
  • hiring HR professionals

In addition, it should be taken into account that in many countries whose companies offer outsourcing services, wages may be significantly lower. This is another plus to cost savings. It is also important that you only pay for working hours when deal with an outsourcing team.

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3. Transparency of pricing 
The costs of software development are clearly highlighted, understandable and predictable due to the transparency of pricing of IT outsourcing services. It is based on basic principles as income distribution, achievement of results, consumption / cost optimization, and also on risks and rewards. The key to progress is the mutual desire of the client and supplier to maximize profits. Remember - the more descriptive your software requirements document is the more accurate estimate you will get.

4. High quality services 
The high quality of services provided by outsourcing companies is due to high competition and the need for continuous improvement. You can be sure that outsourcers are always professionals in their field. Therefore, they more than anyone cope with the solution of highly specialized tasks.

In addition, for the work of outsourcing companies are characterized by the improvement of the technological base, the internal optimization of processes, using of new methods and tools for solving problems.

5. Cut the risks in half 
Thanks to the outsourcing contract, the customer receives the service he needs, which is performed in a highly professional manner and is provided with the material responsibility of the contractor for the quality of its implementation. This happens because an outsourcing company, as a legal entity, has assets that can compensate for possible damage. Also, being the subject of insurance, outsourcing requires the outsourcer to share responsibility for working with the insurer.

Thus, the quality of the services provided is documented, controlled and measurable, and the contractor is better planning their risks.

6. Confidentiality is paramount 

An obligatory condition for IT outsourcing services is confidentiality and information protection. An outsourcer provides higher security and non-disclosure of confidential data than its own employees. This is also enshrined in the contract. If this point is violated, not only the relationship with this client will suffer, but the overall reputation in the outsourced services market.

7. Certified specialists 
Often companies simply cannot afford a staff of narrow specialists. Web developers, iOS developers, back-end developers, web designers, project managers, data scientists – their services have different costs, but definitely are expensive.

In addition to salaries, vacations and sick leave, you need to spend a lot of money on their ongoing training. Moreover, hiring good specialists is also not an easy process.

On the other hand the vendor ensures that its certified specialists are highly qualified and interchangeable. Outsourcing companies often have a staff of diverse specialists and can quickly attract the necessary expertise at any stage of the project. In addition, the cost of attracting will be significantly lower than the cost of hiring the same employee full-time.

8. Experience - the outsourcing strong suit 
As mentioned, outsourcing partners have qualified specialists on their teams. You hire a solid team of professionals with experience in projects of different size, complexity and cost. Most often, the experts of such companies are knowledgeable in solving problems and finding the best solutions for each specific case. An important thing is the presence of specialists of various profiles who help each other in search for optimal solutions.

Thus, using the experience of an outsourcing partner, you are guaranteed to get a successful result.

9. Non-stop service 
When the project is implemented by an inhouse team you have to take care of different problems: recruitment, team formation and motivation, accounting (calculation of salaries and bonuses, vacations and sick leave, deductions to funds, taxes), equipment issues, software licenses...

Instead, your outsourcing partner will take care of all this. For example, when someone gets sick or quits the company for any reason, the vendor will guarantee the replacement in no time and ensure the project is completed on time.

10. Partnership at all stages 
When starting the project with an outsourcing company, you don’t need to assemble a team, assign responsibilities, organize control over the work process and etc. Your vendor will take care of it for you. Staffed with a professional outsourced team all you need to do is approve project completion in the different stages and discuss some specific details regarding the future product.

11. Focus on success 
At all stages of product development - from designing, modifying and subsequent refinement and improvement, the outsourcer is interested in achieving maximum results.

The main goal of any outsourcing provider is to create a product that will take its rightful place in the market. This is a win - win strategy for both the customer and the vendor. Client receives a high-quality product, and the contractor significantly increases its rating and reputation on the market.

12. Huge variety of outsourcing companies to choose from 
Year on year the outsourcing market has become more extensive and more competitive. This means that you have a really good chance to get good quality services for reasonable costs. On their part outsourcing companies go to great lengths to get a customer.

Highly qualified outsourcing companies are always ready to engage in dialogue with customers to discuss their needs. They gladly demonstrate their experience, portfolio and recommendations and also perform free test tasks as appropriate. All this helps a lot in understanding the features of the vendor work and to predict future collaboration.

These are our top 12 advantages of using an outsource team for your project. If you have a challenging project and can’t decide where to start or what do you exactly need - drop us a message and lets discuss!



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