Practices to create a mockup

9 best practices to create a mockup

Do you want to create a mockup which will not cause misunderstandings between web designers and web developers? We offer 9 best practices that can significantly help you to create a great mockup and implement it with ease.

  1. Separate every page/view
    Every page/view should be prepared as a separate PSD file with corresponding intuitive name. 

  2. Observe the grid layout
    All structural elements of the design should be arranged as an appropriate layered structure with clear titles, so a programmer can easily find all the elements, eg.:
     - slider
     - sign-up button
    - navigating arrows
    - close cross

    - about us block
    - text 
    - who we are block
    - text
    - button find out more 
    The structure above is intuitively clear and possible to arrange properly. This makes it possible to quickly assemble the page frame and position elements on the page.
  3. Consider the screen resolution