30 platforms to learn Javascript online

We have compiled a selection of 30 educational platforms that are suitable for those who want to learn JS from scratch, reach a new level of expertise or improve their current skills. Let's go!

Free Resources to learn Javascript

  1. Khan Academy
    Excellent online platform for gaining knowledge and skills related to programming. HTML, CSS, Javascript and Databases - here you will find courses and educational materials that will lead you from the basics of computer programming to advanced applications. 

    You will also find a great
    variety of courses taught by experts. There are practical exercises, instructional videos and a personalized learning dashboard. While you study you can discuss emerging professional issues in the community. 
    One drawback is that there are no dates for adding material to ensure its relevance. When the training is completed  you will be offered the opportunity to share your impressions.
  2. javaTpoint
    This educational site has proven itself and is very popular all over the world. In the Javascript-learning section, you will find exactly what you need - from the very basics to object-oriented paradigms, multi threading and networking.

    The strength of javaTpoint is a well-structured menu so you can easily find the information you need. Learning materials are presented visually (illustrations, diagrams and code examples) and to the point  (about 1000 words per lesson). This platform has the same flaw as in the previous one - no dates of additions or updates on training materials.

  3. freeCodeCamp
    The freeCodeCamp program is designed to consistently educate the user on all major aspects of web programming, from basic concepts to complex development techniques. Here you will learn HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Node.js, React.js., D3.js, as well as Databases, Git and Github.

    Lessons consist of theoretical and practical parts. You have the opportunity to write code in a special editor and the system checks you. There is a huge forum to discuss emerging issues with like-minded people.

    Also, after completing the theoretical modules, you can use your examples to create your own web application and place it on the resource to find out the ratings of other users. It can be the first step to your portfolio.

  4. MDN (Mozilla Developer Network)
    This resource is a real storehouse of knowledge and information. A huge community of Mozilla developers tried to make the platform perfectly structured and developed for absolutely all levels of knowledge. 
    This free online compilation gives you access to numerous educational materials, as well as lists of resources and tools that leading Javascript experts today successfully use. 
    All you need is time to find and study the information you are interested in.

  5. W3schools
    W3Schools is a website for beginners and practicing web developers. There are a fairly large number of tutorials and links to useful resources. There is also a training console to consolidate in practice the knowledge gained. Here you can get fundamental knowledge of such programming languages ​​as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Python, jQuery, Java, W3.CSS, and Bootstrap.

    Courses are free. But if you want to get a certificate of completion, you will have to pay for it (
    JavaScript Certificate will cost $95).

  6. SoloLearn
    Free online platform for learning programming languages ​​from scratch. All materials are written in clear language and easy to read.

    There is also a game mode, where players can compete with each other to find out who the best programmer is. You get experience points for the victory and the chance to get a certificate for free. This mode is also very useful in order to repeat all the material.

    The training program is structured in such a way that you need to go through a section first to start learning the next one. The good news is that you can start learning several courses at the same time. 
    A mobile App suitable for Android and iOS gives the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere.

  7. The Odin Project
    This training course is suitable for beginners who want to learn the profession of a web developer, engage in freelancing, create startups or learn how to create a homepage for a website. Here you can learn the basics of HTML and CSS, Git, Javascript, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Databases and also find a suitable job. 

    There is a chat and a forum for sharing experiences and opinions.
    This platform streamlines information by creating a logical chain from the best educational sources on the Internet.
  8. Codewars
    This is one of the most exciting platforms for learning programming languages. Training here is built on the principle of "Kata", known in the eastern martial arts.
    Level after level (here, test after test), you do a lot of interactive programming tasks to improve your skills. Finally, you approach the main goal - to become a qualified specialist in the field of programming.

    There is a reward system for students  - you can increase your rating and move to more difficult levels. It is also possible to compare your achievements with the achievements of other participants and to share ideas with them.
    The main idea of ​​the site is to unleash the potential of everyone to the maximum and allow them to realize it in the future.

  9. Exercism
    This site provides programming exercises in: C #, C ++, Haskell, JavaScript, Lua, Objective-C, Perl 5, Python, Ruby, and Scala.

    The founder of site, Katrona Owen, offers his own methodology for training beginner coders. You download the exercise in the language of interest with the client application exercism.io. You then add a solution to the site. It is accessed by programmers from all over the world who can comment and give you good advice on your code. Feedback helps in finding the right solution. Thus, you improve your coding and enter a new level of qualification.

  10. CodinGame
    This is an online platform for programmers, where the solution of coding problems is accompanied by visualization in the style of video games. The IDE supports 23 programming languages, including JS.
    While playing and participating in code writing competitions, you can significantly enhance your developer profile. And that means you get the opportunity to find a well-earned career. In fact, many large companies take as an example the code written in CodinGame when they hire a developer.

  11. JSforCats
    A good resource for beginners to learn the basics of Javascript. 
    The material is well-structured and presented in a simple form and all on one page. There are all the necessary sections for a thorough acquaintance with the programming language: The console, The string, the values, the variables, the Lost, Array, Objects. Just read and learn!
    The site also offers many interactive illustrations with code examples and tips on where to continue learning. Maybe not suitable for advanced learners, but definitely good for those who are just starting. 

  12. Dash General Assembly
    Dash is a free interactive educational course presented by General Assembly and designed to help those who want to learn CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Initially this course was intended only for internal use by students of General Assembly, who studied the course of front-end web development. After the success in the GA community, the company decided to open a course for everyone.

    In your browser you will consistently complete series of small projects and see how your own website or blog is created step by step. Each project in Dash is presented in the form of an order from a fictional client, so you can feel like a real developer. If you want someone to check your code, you can pay for an individual instructor.

  13. edX
    This extensive open source learning platform has more than 5 million students worldwide. There are a lot of educational categories here and they are diverse. Programming is presented in the “Computer Science” section. Here you will find training materials that will tell you about languages ​​and skills, such as: HTML and CSS, Java, jQuery, C ++, C #, Python, SQL, mobile application development.

    You will also find a lot of visual materials that cover topics from different angles. A huge community provides comprehensive support from like-minded people and experts.
    There are also professional certificate programs here starting from $99.

  14. Udemy
    This online portal offers thousands of courses. There are many free options, however you can get courses with great discount. Cheapest Javascript course will cost you as little as $10. In addition, there is a permanent loyalty program with numerous bonuses and the ability to get coupons to pay for your study.

    Udemy allows creators to host their own tutorials on their platform. You have the opportunity to choose the one that fits you best. You can both get acquainted with the programs of courses and read reviews and ratings of other students. 

  15. Coursera
    Coursera presents a huge selection of courses with practical tasks, developed with the participation of leading educational institutions of the world and great companies specialists. You will have access to numerous programming guides and useful resources.

    For you - hundreds of courses related to coding: Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS, IoT programming, an introduction to programming, and others.
    Despite the fact that many of the courses are paid, there is the possibility to apply for Financial Aid or a Scholarship. Another advantage is a Certification. There are both free and paid courses starting from $39 up to $95.
  16. Java Code Geeks
    Excellent platform for experienced developers who want to learn about the latest trends in programming. In addition to JS, it also covers Android programming and several JVM languages ​​(Ceylon, Clojure, Groovy, JRuby, Kotlin, Scala).

    Javascript tutorials are written by dedicated practitioners. Therefore, most of the articles are devoted to practical topics. Content is constantly updated. The site also offers a separate section for applicants, so you can find a dream job just after training. Website offers both free and paid courses starting from $16.

  17. Udacity
    Just like Coursera and edX, Udacity is one of the providers of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC). Udacity partners include such famous companies as Facebook, IBM and Google. 
    One of the main areas of work of this resource is the training of qualified specialists for the labor market. Here for you - constantly updated training materials, expert assistance and live communication in the community and on the forum. 

    You can upgrade and deepen your skills by participating in the Nanodegree Program (it will cost you $999). By the way, programs are constantly added.

  18. SitePoint
    The main goal of the site is to share knowledge and tips on the practical use of technologies, tools and programming languages. 

    There are three main sections for site visitors: SitePoint Blog, SitePoint Premium, and SitePoint Forums. Accordingly, in each of them you will find everything you need, and even more. Communicating with fellow developers and professionals, innovations in the industry or courses to study one or another direction in programming - everything is there. In addition there is a huge library with lots of useful materials and the ability to share your accumulated knowledge as a teacher.

    The price of the courses is quite reasonable - $9 a month. Besides there is a free trial.
    This platform provides excellent opportunities to learn programming languages ​​from scratch, and to keep abreast of the latest developments, if you are an experienced developer.

  19. BitDegree
    The platform offers a lot of courses from programming to game development.
    Both standard online programming courses and courses are presented in a game form. The platform offers free and paid training. The price starts from $ 7 per course.

    BitDegree's peculiarity is that the blockchain is included in the education process. There is a system of achievements and the possibility of obtaining scholarships. This approach to stimulating students helps companies select technically talented specialists, as well as assess the level of success of the course. The disadvantage is that there are no dates of additions or updates on training materials.

  20. Upskill
    It is a free online camp that takes you on a long journey from beginner to professional developer.
    You can learn Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, PHP, MySql, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, learn coding skills WordPress. Training is built on video lessons that last no more than 15 minutes.

    Throughout the training, you will create web projects. This means you will take the first step towards building your portfolio.
    You can get an access to all courses for $25/month with a Pro membership.

  21. envatoTuts+
    envatoTuts + offers users more than 20 thousand manuals, videos and other materials to help you the basics of programming languages ​​and other technological directions. To improve your JS skills you get more than 200 courses. They typically include 2-3 hours of video, organized into chapters and bite-size lessons. You can also subscribe to Envato Elements to access the full library with a lot of thematic materials.

    The convenient site search allows you to find answers to a variety of questions that may arise during the development of the code.
    There are many free benefits, as well as paid courses at a fairly reasonable price - $16,50 a month or $5 a course

  22. Codecademy
    Codecademy focuses on learning web programming. You read the theory and then do the tasks in the interactive code editor.
    Most courses are available for free, but if you want extra content or to get test tasks you have to pay (starting at $20 a month).

    There are also complex paid programs in which materials from different courses are systematized and combined. For example, “Build Websites from Scratch” will teach you how to create a website from scratch. Unit by unit you will learn about HTML, CSS, Command Line & Git, know more about design and finally choose from three projects to build using Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery. 

    Talking about cons - there is no access the course material as one piece here. If you want to find something in particular you need to read the information from level to level inside the topic to find it.
    Paid ones

  23. Egghead
    This training platform is created by development experts. They also offer their instructional video to learn the best JavaScript tools and frameworks. In the comments to the classes you can get feedback from the instructor. 

    When searching for a suitable course, you can choose an instructor, familiarize yourself with the descriptions of lessons and find out their rating according to students' estimates. Training materials are constantly updated.

    The disadvantages include an uncompromising pricing policy of the site - the price of membership is always without discounts. Full Access Membership price is $250 a year.

  24. Frontend Masters
    Frontend Masters is one of the most convenient Javascript online learning platforms. There is a wide variety of courses in video and audio form.

    Information about each course is well structured - there is data about the teacher, the duration of classes and their summary. The duration of each lesson is minimal (no longer than 5 min.). So you can fully concentrate on the educational material without brain overload.

    The content is constantly updated and all the lessons have dates of addition, so you can be sure that the information is of current interest. Learning materials will cost you $39 a month.

  25. Simplilearn
    Simplilearn is one of the leading suppliers of certification trainings in the world. As for Javascript, here is a comprehensive curriculum that provides candidates with full information about Ajax development fundamentals, JavaScript basics, advanced JavaScript, and jQuery basics. There are also some free articles and videos available on the platform.
    Javascript Certification Training Course will cost € 499.

  26. Pluralsight
    By choosing this learning platform, you can be sure that theory and practice will always be in balance. You will work on practical tasks, projects and solve problems in order to improve the efficiency of writing code. And all of this is with ongoing mentor support.

    There is a 10 days free trial period when all training materials, videos and exercises will be available to you. Then you will be offered to pay at $35 a month.
    Free bonus for beginners. The Pluralsight team created a free resource JavaScript.com. With this interactive learning platform, you will start learning JavaScript from the first second on the site.
    Putting together the basic syntax of JavaScript language plus beautiful design is the best solution for those who want to start learning this programming language from scratch. And, of course, to continue its further study with Pluralsight, because the creators of JavaScript.com bring their users to this point.

  27. General Assembly
    General Assembly is a global educational institution, created as an innovative community for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Here you can gain new or deep knowledge in technology, business and design.

    In addition to fourteen campuses on four continents, where students can attend classes in various disciplines, including JavaScript, the General Assembly offers remote 10-week online courses and intensive courses for learning this programming language. 

    Step by step, you'll learn JavaScript Fundamentals, Control Flow, Functions, Objects, DOM Manipulation, learn about jQuery, еstablish a core understanding of how APIs work and how to pull data from them. 

    Among the main advantages are the convenient schedule, mentor support and motivation and a huge community.  There are possible disadvantages too. The price for the course is high ( $1,250 a course). Besides there are some restrictions in enrollment.

  28. Code Avengers
    Code Avengers has an interesting interactive approach to learning. A variety of courses will help you how to learn the basics of programming languages, and the way to create your own websites, applications and even games.

    Training programs are designed for a wide age audience and are presented in many languages.
    To support students there is an online community that includes programming experts who are ready to answer all the questions that arise.
    Tuition is paid (starting at $20 a month), but there is a 7 day free trial, so you can decide whether to invest money in further education.

  29. Treehouse
    Treehouse offers more than 300 different courses for in-depth study of the code.
    A distinctive feature of the resource is that it constantly adds a variety of thematic content. There are more than 100 videos on various topics: from Ruby on Rails to web design, web development, and even tips on finding the perfect job and starting your own business. Price starts at $25 a month.

    Treehouse Javascript tutorials are designed for beginner and intermediate programmers, and are mainly built around practical tasks. So if you do not want to read a lot - the choice of this platform may be the best solution for you. 
    With this resource you get a content variety, community and professional support and also help in work search and business development. 

  30. One Month
    This online platform promises to make you Javascript developer in 30 days.
    The training system is based on video tutorials, from which you will learn step by step about JavaScript basics like variables, functions, arrays, DOM,                 querySelector (), JSON.parse () and more. 

    Before the start of classes a basic training guide will be presented to you, so that the course material is easier to learn.
    At the end of the training you will get a certificate.
    Training here will cost you $199/per course for one year access or $299/year for an annual subscription to get unlimited access.

Summing up

Learning Javascript is not necessary expensive. Many online platforms offer free training and basic knowledge allowing you to craft your first pieces of code and become a developer in record time.


Of course, you can choose paid courses, but often free resources are more than enough to start learning and developing your knowledge in order to succeed as a programmer. As a bonus to the knowledge gained, you get the opportunity to make useful contacts, get support from professionals and even find a job.

Have we left out a platform? Share your favourite platform for learning Javascript in the comments and we’ll get it listed!


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