The 35 Best Small Business Apps for stunning results in 2020

Looking for the best apps for small business but not sure which ones to choose?

  • We have analyzed hundreds of reviews on trusted platforms such as Capterra and GetApp, used the experience of our customers, as well as our own observations.
  • We are ready to offer you our list of the best apps for small business owners, which can improve different aspects of your business in 2020.
  • If you are interested apps from Microsoft, here is cool review of them.


The Best Small Business Apps

  • Best for finance and accounting: QuickBooks, Xero, Wave, ZipBooks, Mint.
  • Best for time tracking: Everhour, RescueTime, Timely, Toggl , TMetric.
  • Best for business management: TeammyApp, Asana, Taskworld, Trello, Basecamp. 
  • Best for customer relationship management: Belly, Streak, Spendgo, Insightly, Nimble.
  • Best for payments: Google Pay, Square, PayPal, Dwolla, Zelle. 
  • Best for communication: Slack, Chanty, Flock, Microsoft, Teams Flowdock.
  • Best for productivity:, Evernote, Pocket, ToDoist, Things. 


Best Small Business Apps for Finance and Accounting

  1. Bookkeeping can be easy and with the right app, it can be done anywhere.
  2. All you need to do is decide on which accounting app is right for your business.


  • Quickbooks, released by the software development company Intuit, is an accounting software developed primarily for small businesses and nonprofits.
  • This business app allows users to manage various financial records, including sales receipts, payments, tax forms, financial accounts, and inventory records.




  • Founded in 2006 in New Zealand, today Xero has 2M+ subscribers, making it one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies globally.
  • With this tool, you can pay bills, send and track invoices, and reconcile bank transactions.
  • This tool can integrate with over 800+ business tools improving your efficiency by eliminating hassles. All that makes Xero one of the best apps for small business accounting.



  • Wave is a Canadian company that provides accounting software with all the basic functions that a small business might need. The Wave app helps to create professional invoices and easily track your expenses.
  • This software is a leader among free business apps. It is totally free. The company earns revenue by charging a small commission for transactions - $ 0.30 + 2.9% per transaction.



  • ZipBooks is a cloud-based accounting and payment processing solution. This software was launched in 2015 and has continued growing and improving to bring the best features for small businesses and accountants.
  • This platform offers the option to connect any bank account, as well as accept payments via PayPal and Square.
  • You can use it for free, yet with some limitations in features. Or you can choose the paid plans and get more.



  • Mint is another app from Intuit that helps to plan a budget easily.
  • With Mint small business owners can track bank/credit cards and budgets, loan balances and transactions, and easily create financial goals.
  • You can add as many accounts as you need, and perhaps the best part is, it's free.


The best accounting applications will only solve some problems your business is facing.

Let’s arrange an introduction meeting for discussing solution for you.


Best Small Business Apps for time tracking 

  1. Do you want to quickly and correctly distribute the time between tasks, or perhaps just want to know what your employees spend time on during the working day?
  2. Find the best time tracking app that will work for you.



  • Everhour is an online time-tracking mobile app for both freelancers and small teams. It helps to track the time spent on individual tasks and create invoices based on billable hours.
  • Everhour has an effective reporting system for better categorizing time and getting more accurate results in future projects. 
  • The main drawback is that the application is not available on Android devices



  • RescueTime is a program that analyzes your computer activity during the day.
  • This makes it possible to know exactly how much time you spend on work and how much is wasted. In this app, there is a website blocker called FocusTime that blocks distracting websites so you can focus on getting your work done. 
  • The Productivity Pulse function is also useful as it analyzes your behavior to quickly show how focused you are today.



  • Timely from the Memory software company is a service that combines scheduling and time tracking to help you complete tasks on time. 
  • With it, you get simple tracking of time intervals. You easily distribute workloads and get a detailed report on the work done in the organization.
  • You can even integrate it with other calendars so all your tasks and events are always front and centre.



  • Toggl is one of the most popular time tracking apps in the world. As of 2016, it had over 1.6 million registered users. Even its free plan offers a wide selection of features that are needed to organize a small business. 
  • Their reports and export functions give you comprehensive information about the work done in a convenient format (PDF, CSV). The program has a convenient timer that activates itself at the start of work on a task and can be entered retroactively (in case you missed it).
  • The internal Pomodoro option helps you plan your work to further increase efficiency.


  • TMetric combines a number of useful qualities, such as low price, the ability to work through the web, desktop and mobile applications, support for collaboration, and a convenient reporting system. A linear timeline helps to track your daily progress. 
  • This app easily integrates with third-party services, such as Asana, GitHub, Trello, Todoist, Basecamp, and others, so you never miss important details.


Feel that your company has "outgrown" ready-made tracking applications?

We offer custom development of employee monitoring systems using RPA technology.

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Best Small Business Apps for Small Business Management 

  1. Managing tasks on the go, regardless of time and place, is easier with the right business management apps.
  2. This is an essential tool for keeping track of all the important details. 



Teammy the employee engagement app helps HR leaders to:

  • Evaluate hidden performance parameters
  • Get team's feedback about work and peers
  • Evaluate HR management with numbers

For Business Owners TeammyApp helps to:

  • Know team's loyalty level
  • Improve business with team's advice
  • Connect business decisions with HR ones

how much it costs to develop mobile app



  • For over 10 years, Asana remains a popular SaaS application for small business owners and individual users.
  • It helps teams organize, control work processes, and increase their effectiveness. It’s flexible, with the ability to choose the necessary features for different categories of business, including HR, marketing, engineering, etc.
  • You can use ready-made templates for specific use-cases for a quick start on almost any project.


  • With Taskworld, planning, delegating tasks, and collaborating on a project are no longer problems.
  • This cloud-based collaboration platform allows your team to exchange ideas and track the status of tasks. Easy file management allows project participants to share files for faster operation.
  • Project burn-up chart and interactive timeline help to effectively plan work and increase teams’ productivity.



  • Appreciate simplicity? Try Trello’s business management app. Regardless of the size of the project, you can manage it easily using this application.
  • Real-time updates help your team to work faster and a user-friendly interface provides an intuitive experience on any device.
  • You can even invite outside members to your dashboard in case you need to consult an expert or wish to show the project to newcomers.


  • Basecamp (formerly known as 37signals) is a convenient and intuitive project management application for small companies that makes work more efficient and transparent.
  • The program has message boards that help to make work clear and get timely feedback. 
  • Another interesting feature of the application is Hill Charts, which help to track your project details.


Often when downloading management apps, business owners realize that the functionality is either insufficient or so redundant that they feel confused.

We develop convenient and flexible BPM solutions that model, execute, monitor, and analyze processes of any complexity with an emphasis on the specifics of your business.

Let’s arrange an introduction meeting for discussing solution for you.


Best Small Business Apps for Customer Relationship Management

  1. A happy customer is a regular customer.
  2. Build trust with your customers and reward them for choosing you with customer relationship management apps.



  • Belly is an app built on the principles of gamification, which is convenient for business and engaging for customers. It allows you to create a digital loyalty program for small and medium businesses.
  • There is also a demo version for you to see if it is the right fit for you. This service suggests free monthly growth tips for subscribed business owners.
  • And perhaps one of the best parts about this application - it’s free.



  • Streak is good for companies that use Gmail or Google apps. This service simplifies work with transactions by mail, the user support process, delayed sending of emails and tracking the opening of messages.
  • It has automated customer support so your users will be notified by the status of their request.
  • There is also a bug Tracking Streak that monitors the correction of reported bugs in your software.



  • Spendgo is a digital loyalty program rewarding customers for their purchases and helping businesses automate and manage campaigns.
  • It easily integrates with leading POS, e-commerce, and marketing platforms to simplify your processes.
  • With the Spendgo customer relationship management app, you reach your customers in-store, online, or via their mobile device.



  • Insightly is a tool for managing your contacts and related organizations, partners, and suppliers.
  • With this tool, you get simplified updates through integration with Gmail and Outlook and real-time business reports to stay up-to-date with important business activities.



  • Nimble is an online professional manager that helps build relationships in a multi-channel world.
  • The service provides a smart and easy way to track all contacts, develop a database, and provides the best context when communicating with people.
  • The platform combines a calendar, contacts, communications, and collaboration in one app. Nimble can work on popular social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to automatically connect them to business contacts.


We help businesses by creating automated customer management solutions that facilitate the work of employees, speed up manual and repetitive tasks, and provide clients with personalized service.

Let’s arrange an introduction meeting for discussing solution for you.


Best Small Business Apps for Payments

  1. Do you want transactions with customers or partners to be safe, profitable, and fast?
  2. Digitalization works for you, and today you have a wide selection of best payments apps to get it all together.

Google Pay 

  • Google is constantly expanding its range of tools, and online payments are no exception. Accepting and making payments with Google Pay is very simple - just create a Google account and install a special application. Or use it through other integrated Google services, including Gmail.
  • Using the Google Pay payment app, your clients avoid wasting time entering card data to make purchases faster and checkouts more convenient. A positive payment experience increases loyalty and the likelihood of a repeat purchase.
  • Plus, there are no fees to use this service.



  • Square is a popular peer-to-peer payment platform with over 24 million customers worldwide.
  • Once you link your bank account to Square Cash you can send and receive payments for free. Funds are transferred directly from the bank account.
  •  A distinctive feature of Square is the ability to buy and sell bitcoins, which makes it an even more popular product.



  • PayPal is a pioneer of the online payment market since 1998 and has not lost its relevance thanks to its comprehensive service. With PayPal, you can transfer money to any bank account not only in the USA but also to foreign banks without disclosing bank card information.
  • If you transfer money from your PayPal balance or from a bank account, no commission is charged. The only exceptions are credit card use or currency conversion.
  • Every day, 188 million users in 202 countries use PayPal. PayPal supports payments in 25 currencies.



  • Dwolla is not a merchant account provider such as PayPal or Square. It is an agent of both banks and credit unions with which it cooperates.
  • Its main functions include fund management, on-demand transfers, user limits, and instant banking verification.
  • With Dwolla app for payments you can customize your fees to boost business profits. The main drawback is the higher cost for the service compared to competitors.



  • Using Zelle, you can transfer funds from one bank account to another within a few minutes using just the email address or mobile number of the recipient.
  • There is no need to install additional applications, just simply have an account with a participating bank.
  • Their list continues to grow and already includes such giants as Bank of America, US Bank, and Wells Fargo. To send and receive payments is free for both sides.


We can help to integrate credit card payments directly into booking applications or e-commerce.

Let’s arrange an introduction meeting for discussing solution for you.


Best Small Business Apps for Communication

  1. Communication within the company, with customers or partners, has long been essential to the success of businesses.
  2. We’ve scoured the market for the best communication apps and have a short list of the best below.


  • Slack is a corporate messenger that is used by more than a million people every day.
  • It allows you to create various communication channels, send group messages, share screens, and perform video or audio calls.
  • This communication app easily integrates with various services, including Google services, Twitter, Asana, and more.



  • Chanty is an AI-based tool. With it, you can organize your chats in public or private conversations.
  • The service supports voice and video calls, as well as voice messaging. The message history is not limited, which means you will not lose important information in your chats.
  • The built-in task manager turns any message into a task so that your employees do not miss important items in their work.
  • You can also connect any of the 1500+ available applications to Chanty and turn your team chat into a centralized notification center.



  • For a small team, Flock provides almost all the functionality of well-known corporate instant messengers for free.
  • You will have access to file exchange, search by message history, quick invitations of clients to chat, and 1-on-1 video calls.
  • If you want group video calls and screen sharing, you must switch to their paid plans. 


Microsoft Teams 

  • The Microsoft Teams workspace was officially launched in 2016 and the addition of the Freemium version has only strengthened their position in the competitive communications application market.
  • Microsoft Teams has deep integration with Office 365 tools.
  • That means you can share, edit, or leave comments on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files while in the application. In addition, private and group chats, video conferencing, and holo calls via telephony or direct connection are available to you.



  • Initially, the service was intended for developers to communicate during a project. But now Flowdock is a full-fledged messenger where you can chat, share files, and attract the attention of colleagues with personal references.
  • The service can be integrated with 80 different applications, including Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Zapier, and others. Similar to Slack, chats and threads are combined, so you can create your own correspondence thread from any message.

Want a more customized solution for your specific business needs? That’s our specialty!

Contact us to discuss the details.


Best Small Business Apps for productivity

  1. Improving your own productivity can significantly improve the efficiency of your business.
  2. Stay organized and punctual with the best productivity apps from market leaders in software development. 

  • If you need a functional list of tasks in which you can not only set tasks but also track their completion, Any.DO application will help you.
  • It is easily synchronized with all your devices and has a clear interface for the most convenient work. Any.DO can automatically convert your words into text, so you don’t need to waste time typing. Share to-do lists with subordinates and partners to do more. 
  • A nice addition is the choice of application design theme that best suits your mood.



  • Evernote is one of the old-timers of online applications with millions of fans around the world. This virtual notepad allows you to create and store various notes. From your own recordings or photos, audio, and video files downloaded from the internet to fragments of web pages, or formatted texts.
  • Categorize all notes by topic for faster searches.  You can also save emails that are important to you in Evernote.
  • All this with some limitations is available in the basic free version of the application.



  • Pocket is a must-have productivity app for those who want to know more and put knowledge into practice.
  • With it, you can save any information that is of interest to you in the format of articles, videos, etc. from the internet for easy review later when you have more free time.
  • For reviewing saved content, the app even works without an internet connection!
  • Pocket has over 30 million registered users and is integrated into more than 1,500 applications, including Flipboard, Twitter, and Zite.



  • ToDoist is an online task management service available on all major platforms.
  • With a simple and concise interface, as well as integration with dozens of different services, it just might become one of your favorites.
  • With ToDoist you can leave comments on tasks and projects, create notes with files of any type, sort by filters, edit, and export them. ToDoist supports collaboration, so any task can be shared through the context menu. 
  • Today, the service has more than a million users.



  • Things is an application designed to increase your own productivity, for Mac users only.
  • In this application, the calendar and the list of tasks are combined on one screen, making it much easier to drag and drop the tasks.
  • You can also refine or sort extensive tasks using tags, as well as prioritize them.


Oftentimes even the best apps on the market are not a perfect fit for everyone.

We will analyze your business and offer a solution that will meet all your requirements.

Wrapping up

  1. The range of small business apps is wide, and their impact on the efficiency of small businesses can be powerful.
  2. Most of them are free, or at least offer trial periods. So it may be worth your time to try a few to see how well they can work for you.
  3. An individual comprehensive solution will be built on an in-depth analysis of your business and adapt to grow with your company in the future.
  4. Got an idea for your own mobile app development?
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