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7 biggest advantages of developing custom software in the healthcare segment you should be aware of

Increasing the efficiency of healthcare today is extremely acute. What is it connected with? Perhaps innovations in biology, chemistry or medicine. It can also be more complex and precise lab equipment. What is sure, rapid development of new software and technologies make a significant impact on how today's healthcare operates.

Technology has grown deep into our ecosystem. It literally follows in every aspect of our life, starting with picking the optimal route to the office or ordering a food delivery. Software makes our lives easier and more efficient, because it was originally designed to do so. The only issue is how to pick the right software?

We conducted a research to define most common struggles that every manager or business owner faces when choosing software to satisfy business requirements.

  1. Uncommon problem in the form of medical of lab equipment, metrics or process automatisation that requires a unique solution and cannot be satisfied by existing apps.

  2. Insufficient information about software characteristics that makes it hard to find out the real quality of the software offered on the market and its compatibility with your current systems.

  3. Lack of clear selection criteria that also leads to a waste of time or at the worst case paying for something that doesn’t satisfy your needs. It’s often hard to define what exactly you are looking for without specific technical knowledge.

  4. Missing common software evaluation practices when it comes to making a final decision. A comprehensive analysis of different systems must be conducted as well as taking into consideration all the rational factors to avoid a critical financial impact.

There are even more issues when it comes to software, such as estimating the cost of development, acquisition, installation, integration and further support for medical institutions or labs. It is crucial to evaluate the possible benefits, losses and other risks of the project at the earliest stages, which will help to define the best possible solutions, evaluate and prevent negative outcomes.

There are two options. The first one is giving preference to existing off-the-shelf solutions. This would be an optimal option if you are just starting and don’t have any specific uncommon struggles. Usually, off-the-shelf solutions are just enough to meet the basic needs of small medical unit or primitive lab. However, if you passed that stage, it won’t be able to satisfy your requirements in full.

The second option is developing your own, personalized custom software to solve the exact issue you are facing. This in the long run will benefit your healthcare business by giving extra flexibility and security and be compatible with your systems. As it is designed to solve your particular task, it will allow you to automate processes and increase overall efficiency.

Here are our top 7 reasons why you should develop custom software for your medical unit or lab

7 reasons to develop custom software

1. Personalization

With a custom solution you can design specific features that will to solve your business problems in the most efficient way. For example, develop software that is compatible with all your specific medical equipment or even create automated reports and status updates on equipment, employees or inventory.

2. Competitive advantage at the software level.

Having the right software will allow you to become stronger and more resistant in the modern aggressive environment while increasing your commercial value. You can easily automate your document flow, setup enhanced monitoring of various metrics such as health measurements or equipment or amortisation status. Moreover you can develop customised software for every clinic or lab you have within your chain with its specific requirements.

3. Easy scaling

You can easily expand the functionality in case you need it to increase quantitative indicators such as the number of users, amount of memory used, etc. Starting new clinics or labs will be much easier when you have a ready-to-deploy solution that has all the required metrics, integrations and functionality available straight away.

4. User-friendly

Design a solution that is not only familiar and easy to use for your employees, but also follows corporate style and connects all necessary corporate software in it.

5. Independence

You are fully in control. Choose the development company you want to work with and change it if you are not satisfied, abandon the use of software at any time or create your in-house team and continue further improvement.

6. Cost Effectiveness

Custom solutions can be more expensive at first sight, but it will benefit you in the long run. It doesn’t require payment for extra licenses, unlike off-the-shelf software. You can start with developing only the necessary features you need and expand the functionality in time as your clinic, lab or any other medical unit grows. This software can be used without any significant investments for a long time afterwards.

7. Confidentiality and protection of intellectual property.

Have your data stored securely without having to worry that someone will hack it. Nowadays it is extremely important to protect your intellectual property.With a custom solution you can be sure that you and your patients' data is secured in accordance to all requirements.Additionally all IP rights for the software belong to your company and not to any other, which makes your plans independent from third party actors and results in extra security.

Final Thoughts

Custom built software can help you to solve your business problems, make you stand out from the competition and make you business more efficient. Most of the off-the shelf software solutions will fall short as soon as you have some specific issue not covered by them.



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