How to maintain a positive attitude in the software development team

We observe a productivity decrease among engineers who do software development quite often. Sometimes this even leads to burnout or a total frustration because of high brain load. This is an area which we constantly monitor in the YSBM Group team. It is very important to let people know that what they do is an essential contribution, that each solution they develop helps our clients to optimize their businesses and to make it more valuable and progressive.


So how do you keep your software development team motivated and positively tuned?

  1. Respect them as you respect yourself: each team member is different and has a unique point of view, so do not hesitate to listen to his/her opinion and follow it when you should.
  2. Help your team to organize work time and set priorities: some person likes to plan carefully before doing exact work and showing results, another person likes to jump straight into the ‘fire’, and yet another person is able to prioritize and his teammate needs help, so the personal approach will have a good impact on the overall result. It is important to remember that sometimes only management is aware of the big strategic goals, so that should be shared with the engineering section to prioritize their work efficiently.
  3. Give your team a rest: yes, that is sometimes a key to productivity! Intellectual work does require rebooting our brains, so it is always nice to have facilities in the office that help your team to maintain their positive attitude and switch their mind from hard thinking to non-thinking.

People (and relationships with them) are the most important asset in every business, especially in software development, so treat your team of professionals with respect and gratitude. Do everything possible to create a comfortable work environment that allows them to concentrate on their work.

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