How to effectively sell software development online

If you sell software development services that can also include mobile app promotion, consulting, UI and UX design, you might have asked yourself the following questions: “How to sell software?", "How to increase revenue from selling software?”, “How should I organize the work of sales and marketing managers to raise the conversion rate?”. 


Note: This article focuses on small and medium-size software houses, design and digital marketing agencies with flat and relatively simple sales processes. The approach we offer may not suit large software development companies, although the listed recommendations can be beneficial for any software development sales pipeline. 


What is a unique selling proposition (USP)?

Open any article about selling software online ( or any other online services actually ) and almost the first thing you will see are talks about USP as an important element of success.

A unique selling proposition, also known as a unique selling point or unique value proposition (UVP) is what differentiates your product/services/company from competitors. For instance, a set of app features, or advantages (e.g., 24/7 support), or your approach to business. 


During my career, I noticed that the words “offer”/“proposition” and “USP” are often confused. The first means a special offer for a specific period, adjusting to certain criteria. Say, you suggest providing 1-year project maintenance 24/7 after release. USP is about your positioning on the market. It is the permanent value that you provide your customers with. So knowing what is USP to your software company is an important element of understanding how to sell your software.



How to create a USP to sell software development services

As every expert says that every organization must have a USP for selling software or other services online, now all vendors have 'unique' USPs claiming they 'build any digital solution on time, on budget, on scope', 'make client businesses more profitable’ or something similar to that. That approach is not necesserily going to help you sellsoftware.


What I am trying to say here that it is really hard to make your clients a truly unique offer when selling software or software development services nowadays because what you do is totally different from project to project. Also, it is even more challenging when you don’t have a narrow business niche specialization like us, for example.


Surely, a software team may use deep technical expertise but it'll help only partially as every new system has a different business setup, software development requirements, web design, and business logic specificity. Furthermore, this expertise becomes partially outdated due to fast technological progress. 

So, how can you stand out from rivals and attract customers? How to sell software services online and advertise a software company in a right way?

Here is what you should do when starting to sell software development services:

  1. analyze your target audience
  2. define why customers turn to your software house or software product, why they retain
  3. conduct a competitor analysis to identify their strengths and weaknesses
  4. answer the question “Why should clients choose your software product/organization among numerous alternatives?”
  5. provide high-quality services from the first touch with a potential customer.



To better understand how to sell software you should also answer a couple more key questions:

  1. Whether your software experts can deliver at all( yes, you might even do not notice how the quality of your services drop that bad)?
  2. What shows your team competence?
  3. How your software development company is selling on the internet at the moment, what works better?


Perhaps, these steps won’t allow you to create a unique USP. As I said, it is hard. But this analysis should help your company defining its strong sides and explain the value, differentiating from thousands of similar propositions. All the answers you must put as a core elements of your successful 'selling software online' strategy.


The 6 best tips to sell software development services

To help you selling software online, I’ve prepared a list of meaningful recommendations ( you can apply them to other online services):

  1. Offer your customers something for free. For example, a free trial to try your software product in action, or software development consultation that is free of charge, or free access to your software system updates. 
  2. Create a modern website that will display software services that you are selling, and allow the user to contact your company and check out your portfolio/case studies. 
  3. Include a video of how your software product or software development team works. Job interviews and/or an approach explanation can be also in use.
  4. Show your potential clients how you understand their pain points. Provide them with precise business-related stories and use cases, describing how software that you sell facilitated the production activities of employees in another company and their business results, how it automated business processes, workflows and helped increasing revenue.
  5. Employ third-party review and rating websites such as Clutch and GoodFirms to boost software selling. These platforms verify each testimonial so that businesses can easily choose a reliable IT service vendor.
  6. Offer 24/7 support. Resolving client issues even on weekends despite time differences, you will gain a competitive advantage.



Strategy to sell software development services

What approach do we employ to explain the provided value for selling software online? At YSBM Group, we use a combination of the following elements:

  1. A well-designed website with a convenient structure that allows perceiving our company as one that cares for user experience. A modern web design shows that we can create quality digital products that ensure consistency on all devices and platforms. 
  2. Case studies that serve as proofs of successful projects that we’ve already delivered. The more detailed information you provide, the better. Potential customers can see what challenges we faced and how our team managed to address them.
  3. Customer feedback. It is very important to have testimonials that describe how clients felt about working with you, what tasks they resolved with our assistance, whether they are satisfied with the result, etc. This way, the credibility of potential partners increases. 
  4. In some cases, having a list of web and mobile technologies that we use also helped us sell software development services. However, this point is not decisive and depends on your target audience.
  5. A personalized approach to each customer. Projects differ by their goals, timeline, intended value, target audience, etc. For instance, analyzing client needs, we define should we start with MVP developer or it will be more reasonable to create a proof of concept (PoC) first. 




A Unique Selling Proposition in our company for selling software development services

As I mentioned before, we do not have a narrow specialization, which is why anything that we put as the key slogan on the main page doesn’t show all our strong sides. Certainly, if your company has a very accurate speciality, you would probably target your audience with a good USP in this business domain to successfully sell software online.


Next, when some prospects get interested in cooperation with you and reach you out, it is very important to start delivering as much quality and professionalism as possible. 


Process about how to sell software development services:

1) Prompt answer

Our average time of answering the incoming request is less than 1 hour during a workday, which engages a potential customer into a meaningful conversation.


2) The right person as a first contact

This step is very important for both qualifying a lead and delivering professional responses. You can’t afford to answer a request with a small competence level. Your possible client must feel that he or she communicates with a skilled professional who is ready to provide real assistance, not just formal answers.


3) Top-notch offer

When the client asks about estimation or more information about how we are going to work on her/his project we proceed differently in different cases. Sometimes our engineers prepare a rough estimation with a list of modules to be delivered, sometimes it is just one number with a final quotation and a simplified structure of future work. 

As my experience shows, the best tool is a well-designed presentation that includes all important business-related sides of the future project. It provides a customer with an understanding of high-level technical aspects of the system, tools to be used, deliverables, versions of work schedule, and budgeting options with their differences.


4) Next steps

When everything is done properly, nothing else is left except to agree on details and start working. To speed up the process, I usually suggest the next possible step and ask a potential customer for feedback. 


When I feel that the client still needs something to cover the risks of cooperating with an unknown contractor, I suggest passing a fast test work on one of her/his project tasks. Therefore, both our team and the customer can make sure we are the right match. 



5) First deliverables

Many companies consider the sales process is finished after a contract is signed and the work is transferred to the software development team. I am sure that is the wrong vision. 


The main(initiation) phase of a sales process ends only when your new client saw the first results of your team’s work, accepts and pays for it. Only then you may let loose supervision and pass further responsibility to the project management and engineering team. 


Remember about checking out the progress and customer satisfaction rate as new work could be signed under proper circumstances and right communication. Reputation also matters.

Reach out to me over LinkedIn if you want to discuss other effective tools that can boost your conversion rate in the sales pipeline for your software development team.


When selling custom software development, keep in mind that every client has different needs behind the intention to build a mobile or web system. Analyze business-specific objectives and help achieve them by delivering the required scope of work at the agreed time. As a result, you will receive positive feedback, gratitude, and recommendations.



If you aim to raise funds or help your customer with this goal, here is an ultimate guide on how to attract investment for your startup.


How we can help you to sell software development services

Here at YSBM Group, we can assist you in the following issues: 

  1. Making time and budget estimations, preparing a software requirements document.
  2. Creating a clickable prototype and designing a website or application. 
  3. Developing and testing a software solution, debugging, deployment. 
  4. Consulting on the technology stack, software system architecture, pricing models, etc.


Feel free to contact us via or +48 505 012 322 to start a conversation.



Frequently asked questions on selling software online

What is a unique selling proposition?

A USP, also referred to as a unique value proposition (UVP) or a unique selling point, is a set of features that differentiates your products/services from others. 

How do I create a USP to advertise my company? 

To prepare a USP, you need to analyze your customers, competitors, as well as your strong and weak sides. Learn why your clients have chosen your company, what advantages of cooperation with your company they can emphasize, why they would retain you if necessary. For this purpose, you can just email your clients and ask them to fill out a feedback form.

Why should I develop a website?

A website will allow you to display a range of goods or services you deliver, show a USP, describe your strategy, advantages, and portfolio. You can offer customers the opportunity to contact your team via a chat or contact form with one click.

How much does it cost to build a custom website? 

On average, the cost of creating a custom website is $10,000-$150,000 depending on various factors such as project size, complexity, type and region of a software development contractor.


Find out what is included in the website development cost and how you can reduce it.

How can I improve the quality of customer service? 

There are many ways that you can use to increase customer satisfaction. Think of how your company can improve the existing processes, for example, communications between leads/clients and sales managers. 


For instance, you can incorporate a chatbot that will answer various questions and provide 24/7 support. By reducing the website page load speed, you will attract more visitors. Or you can offer something free of charge, say, a free trial to try your product. 

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