What Should You Know About Microsoft Power BI To Reach Your Business Goals?

Over the past few years, Microsoft Power BI (or simply Power BI) has been one of the most popular business intelligence systems. Some people even believe that it will soon completely replace the good old Excel.


Indeed, Power BI is a successful and relatively new solution from Microsoft. Many business analysts, financial managers and all those specialists who work with data have already appreciated it. Why? Because Microsoft Power BI makes it easy to manage data, present interactive reports, and even influence business performance through KPIs.


If you are interested in the topic of Microsoft Power Business Intelligence, then be sure to read this article, in which we have prepared an overview of such aspects:


  • What is Microsoft Power BI?
  • How Microsoft BI and Microsoft analytics interfere?
  • What does Microsoft Power BI cost?
  • What are the most popular Power BI tutorial sources?


What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a unified, scalable platform that facilitates self-service and enterprise business intelligence. Simply put, Power BI is a collection of Microsoft software services that work together


With Microsoft BI, you can connect to any data from different sources (e.g. Excel files, text files, data from cloud storage, CRM systems, social networks, etc.) and visualise it, creating clear, visual reports. Microsoft Power BI also makes it possible to track changes in business metrics on dynamic dashboards online.


Microsoft Power BI is part of the group of Business Intelligence platforms or so-called BI systems. Except for Microsoft BI, such platforms as Klipfolio, QlikView, Tableau, etc., are pretty famous.


These and similar analytical tools help many companies of all sizes to make critical management decisions, in particular:

  1. to reduce costs
  2. to increase profits
  3. to improve the quality of services

Do you need for your company?

  • Power BI consultation

  • Power BI implementation

  • Power BI Training

  • Power BI Licence

Reach out to us, and we will help you with that.



Power BI is widely used in internet marketing and the financial sector. The tool allows you to take a broader look at such aspects of the business as analysing customer behaviour or sales growth/decline dynamics and enabling you to manage them.


How Microsoft BI and Microsoft analytics interfere?

Microsoft BI and Microsoft analytics are essentially the same things. Modern business analytics cannot be considered separately from tools, one of the most successful of which is Microsoft Power BI.


Leverage data with Power Business Intelligence Microsoft enables any organisation to transform data into meaningful visual presentations:

  • charts
  • diagramms
  • matrices


Business intelligence and analytics tasks that your business analytics specialists can solve with Microsoft BI:

- business trends discovery

- analysing risks for your company

- competitive analysis 

- marketing research

- customer segmentation(e.g. RFM analysis )

- new product and service design


These business intelligence objectives are on the long list of strategic planning and research problems that you can work on having the Microsoft Power BI desktop tool.


Thus, when we talk about Microsoft analytics, we mean turning data into visual insights using Microsoft BI.


What does Microsoft Power BI cost?


The Microsoft Power BI program has three tariff plans, which differ in functionality and capabilities for solving various problems.


Power BI pricing*:

  • The free version has a data set limit of up to 1 GB. This tariff is basic and suitable for beginners.
  • Power BI Pro is priced at $ 9.99 per user/month. It allows you to scale end-to-end analytics across multiple users.
  • Power BI Premium is priced from $ 4,995 per capacity/month ($ 20 per user/month is coming soon). It is suitable for use in large organisations that have to work with large amounts of data.


*Pricing is given for the date of publishing this article. You can always check actual Power BI pricing for Power Business Intelligence Microsoft’s plans on the official website


The main application of the Microsoft BI program, Microsoft Power BI desktop, is entirely free. You install it on your computer, do the main work with data, develop models, and create reports.


In addition to the Microsoft Power BI desktop, there is also a Power BI Mobile application for business intelligence on any mobile device convenient for you. With Power BI Mobile, you can explore data, annotate, and send reports and dashboards to others, no matter where you are.


Power BI tutorial sources 

Considering all the possibilities for enhancing business intelligence that Microsoft Power BI provides, it makes perfect sense to master this helpful tool.


Here are some handy resources to get you started with Microsoft's Power Business Intelligence software:


  1. MICROSOFT LEARN FOR POWER BI - a variety of training materials directly from the creators of the program
  2. Datacamp's Introduction to Power BI course - a series of video tutorials with assignments to reinforce materials
  3. Edureka Power BI Training - a video course that promises to give you all the basics about Microsoft Power BI in less than 4 hours
  4. Power BI - Introduction from Tutorialspoint - it is a Microsoft Power BI tutorial for those who like to read
  5. Online course Getting Started with Power BI from Pluralsight. This course provides basic Microsoft Power BI skills.


Also, the Microsoft Power BI Community is a great helper in learning and using Microsoft BI. You can always find answers to your questions, find out information about the latest updates and even share ideas for improving the program.


Do you need for your company?

  • Power BI consultation

  • Power BI implementation

  • Power BI Training

  • Power BI Licence

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Final words about Power BI

We've covered the highlights of Microsoft Power BI and hopefully shed some light on what is Microsoft Power BI, how Microsoft BI and Microsoft analytics are related, what is Power BI pricing, and what Power BI tutorials are.


Today, Power BI can be called one of the fastest-growing business intelligence tools, thanks to the program's capabilities to configure end-to-end analytics without connecting additional services and analyse data from different sources.


Business processes development and automation are the vital expertise of the YSBM Group software development company. Working with Microsoft Power Business Intelligence is a standard for us in business intelligence to advise you on any issues related to this tool’s use and implementation.

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