How much does it cost to develop a mobile app in 2019?

These days more people prefer to use mobile applications. This is directly related to the saturation of the market with a large number of mobile devices available for wider audience. A truly competitive mobile application should not only be technically high-quality, but must actually solve the problems of potential users.

There are several main components that affect pricing:

  1. Experience, location and size of the software development team
  2. Complexity of the future application
  3. Operating system of the app
  4. UX/UI specifics



Selecting the development team for your project 

One of the most expensive items in the mobile application development are the engineers who will code it. The basic team usually consists of quality control specialists, several developers and the project manager. The size of the team may vary due to the complexity of the project and affects the cost of the project.

The next thing to consider is the location of the company and its experience in development which is directly related to the cost of services.

Hourly rates of developers and designers, depending on the region, have a fairly wide range of prices. Traditionally, developers of North America and Canada are more expensive as their hourly rate ranges from $50 to $250. European specialists costs vary from $20 to $175. More or less the same cost is paid to Australian developers ($50 to $150). Probably the cheapest rate is offered by Indian developers. Cost varies from $10 to $80 per hour.


Selecting a company based on an attractive price only will not be entirely justified. Be sure to pay attention to the experience, get acquainted with the portfolio, as well as find out whether the company specializes in solutions for your business. Also do not forget about time zones and cultural difference.


Defining the features and specifics of your application 
The more complex the application's functionality is, the longer it takes to develop it and the higher the cost. Let's review a basic and simplified pricing model for app development taking $50 as an average hourly rate for the development.



Selecting OS 
App development cost varies by platform. To decide what type of application to choose - native or hybrid, you need to understand the characteristic features of each.


Developing a mobile app for both Android and iOS requires more time and money upfront. Let’s take a closer look at the average hourly rate in different countries and regions.

Android/iOS App Development Price Range by Location* 
ref: Business of Apps


* The numbers are average and can vary depending on different factors: the company, experience, timeframe, complexity of the project, etc.


UX / UI specifics

Design is a very important stage of application development. This is what your users will see and interact with. UX / UI design should successfully combine ease of use and appearance in any user interface. The work of the UX / UI designer defines if the user likes the application or not, can easily interact with it and complete targeted actions.

The design of mobile applications is directly related to the programming and development capabilities. The triune components of success are user experience, good design and advanced development capabilities.

The cost of custom design varies depending on the number of screens and image orientations (portrait, landscape).

UX designers salaries Range by Location*
(according to Global average UX salaries by country)




The most important factors to remember when developing mobile applications

  1. Users come first
    If you really want your future application to become deservedly popular, you should consider it must be in your target audience area of interest. No matter how well the code was written and the design was excellent, if the consumer does not get a solution to his problem, the application is going to be useless to him.

When creating a new software solution, you will receive a lot of advantages using the Proof of Concept approach.
This way you can get early feedback from users and weed out irrelevant ideas.
  1. Pick the right team
    Take responsibility for the choice of the development team. Analyze the price offers in your chosen region, review the portfolios, and do not forget about other criteria that matter during cooperation. Concentrate on the best combination of price, experience, and professional qualities.

  2. Details matter
    Try to discuss features of the future projects in as much detail as possible. Precise software requirement documentation will make it much easier to estimate and develop it in the future.

  3. Design will save the world
    Think carefully and convey to the specialist your preferences in the design of your mobile application.

Remember that all our data is based on average statistics to give you an overview how much your mobile app development might cost. There are always some factors or specifics that are hard to predict, so whenever making your software requirement document include as much info as you can. This will help you to get a more precise estimate, better quality, and meet your expectations.

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