Ruby vs Python Performance

Ruby vs Python Performance. How to pick the right technology?

Notwithstanding the discussion among different skill-levelled developers, we will pay attention to one issue - Ruby vs Python performance. 

High-performance language allows you to create scalable and fast software with a high degree of protection. Among the impressive number of programming languages, we’ve chosen two of these since it is generally accepted that they are quite similar to each other. 

We suggest focusing on the main aspects that will help to better understand the differences between these two languages ​​and give them a more detailed description. Let’s begin.


Language syntax


Let's start with the similarities. The syntax of both languages ​​is characterized by such qualities as:

  • readability
  • organization 
  • clarity

However, the approaches that Ruby and Python used to solve various problems differ significantly.

The features of Ruby are flexibility and a lot of possibilities for programmers. Some elegance (and even grace) are typical for this language (hence the connection with the name of the gemstone) and also the ability to experiment with tricks. 

Here is an example of Ruby code: