Top 15 apps like Instagram that worth to download

In 2020, Instagram celebrates its 10th anniversary. During this time, the application went beyond simply sharing photos and publishing them. It has greatly expanded its offerings. 

Today Instagram is not just a social platform but also a marketing tool and a powerful sales channel for businesses.



Top 15 apps like Instagram:

  • Vero, Snapchat, VSCO, Pinterest, EyeEm
  • Flickr, Hipstamatic, Vigo video, 500px, Dribbble
  • Tumblr, The H Hub, Unsplash, Retrica, Imgur



  • Vero’s tagline "No Ads. No Data Mining. No Algorithms" expresses the basic idea of ​​the application and makes it a strong rival to Instagram.
    The content that users see on their page is not the result of algorithmic analysis. It appears only on the basis of the recommendation of someone you know. 
  • In all other respects, the application is very similar to Instagram and Facebook. Here, users can post photos, videos, links, reviews of films and books, and share their locations.
    You can also create a network of friends and chat with them. 
  • VERO also actively supports various charity projects in which users of the application can participate.



  • Snapchat has a lot in common with Instagram, in particular, publications within the application are only available for viewing for just 24 hours. 
  • There is a large selection of filters, emoticons, and stickers.
    If their massive selection of template filters and lenses doesn’t perfectly suit your needs, you can even create your own and share them with your friends!
  • In 2019, Snapchat has reached 210 million active daily users



  • VSCO is a social platform for creative people. It has various creative tools, spaces, and connections that aimed to help photographers’ self-expression. 
  • VSCO provides educational materials for beginner photographers and is also famous for its strong community, which helps users make useful contacts, exchange experience, and quickly find all needed information.



  • Pinterest is a photo-host that allows you to not only exchange images, but also create unique thematic collections in which you can “pin” all the necessary files, including in GIF format.
    This application has long been loved by the media for the ability to quickly search for materials on various topics.
  • This platform is also a successful marketing tool for many brands. For example, Whole Food Company (a supermarket of natural food products), publishes on Pinterest vivid images that characterize a healthy lifestyle.
    The link from the photo leads the user to recipes published on their website.
  • Pinterest has over 200 million active users per month. It is noteworthy that most of them are women under the age of 45 years.



  • EyeEm is very similar to  Instagram, plus it has some additional bonuses. Like Instagram, you can publish, edit, and share your photos both inside the application or on the most popular platforms, including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and others. 
  • EyeEm supports a photo tagging system that divides all photos into different thematic groups, such as industry, a healthy lifestyle, fashion, etc.
    Based on these tags, you can easily create thematic subscriptions, which will subsequently produce a really interesting, requested feed.
  • If you are a professional photographer, you can successfully sell your work through this service.
    If you are a business owner you can explore new creative concepts and order those you can use to give your brand a competitive edge.



  • Flickr is one of the most popular image storage services on the internet. Currently, you can also use your official app to create, edit, and share images on the go.
  • It has many interesting filters and effects options that allow you to improve your photos.
  • You can store everything on Flickr itself (which has more than 1 TB of free storage) or share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
  • The service is equally popular among professional photographers and amateurs for the opportunity to demonstrate their work to a wide range of people - the number of users registered on Flickr in 2019 exceeded 75 million.


  • When it comes to photography, Hipstamatic is a strong contender. Although this application does not have a clear social focus, it is nevertheless directly related to the art of photography.
    Hipstamatic especially caters to lovers of classic retro photography. 
  • After launching the application, a black camera with a John S. lens appears on the monitor.
    Users can add the desired details to the camera, work in the laboratory, and even order the delivery of printed photos.
  • Sharing photos is possible on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr by connecting them to your Hipstamatic account.
  • There is no Android version, so only users of Apple products can enjoy photography with this app.


Vigo video 

  • Vigo video is a video hosting service that realizes the dream of millions to gain popularity. 
  • The application allows you to create 15-second videos and share them with people nearby and your friends.
    It’s very easy to shoot and create funny videos with special effects for the camera and various stickers. 
  • You can share your creations through Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.


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  • 500px is a very popular photo-sharing app, especially for people involved in photography.
    The main goal of the service is to provide photographers from all over the world with a space to exchange experiences, get constructive criticism of their work, publish their portfolio, and learn about new genres and techniques. 
  • To start using all the features of the application, just log in via Facebook or Twitter, or create an account on the site.
  • Published photos are available for download to all users at an additional cost. For each download, the author receives a commission for their work.



  • Dribbble is an online service that brings together graphic and web designers, illustrators, and 3D visualizers.
    Here users can both publish their work and evaluate/comment on the work of other authors.
  • The best thing about this platform is the possibility to discover and follow the best designers from all over the world. 
  • Dribbble can be interesting both for designers to promote their work and for companies that are looking for creative artists to solve complex problems.


  • Tumblr is a global platform for creativity and expression that strongly promotes freedom of speech. 
  • This service allows you to create and publish blogs, share stories, photos, jokes, mp3s, videos, and all kinds of links. 
  • Today, Tumblr has about 500 million blogs on various topics.
  • This social network is organized with hashtags, which makes it easy to find the content you seek. Despite some common-sense restrictions (e.g., you cannot impersonate another person or publish illegal content like porn), Tumblr is a great place for self-expression and expanding your network of contacts.


The H Hub 

  • This social platform serves as an intermediary between brands and authors.
    Not only can photographers publish their work here, but also models, videographers, makeup artists, stylists, and others.
  • Thanks to the wide range of search filters, agencies and employers can find and hire exactly the authors or employees they need. You can conveniently pay for services directly through The H Hub.
  • For authors, the platform offers unlimited possibilities.
    They can publish, edit their work, or create a portfolio, as well as receive and leave comments, track statistics about their subscribers, and share experiences with like-minded people.



  • Unsplash is a huge photo hosting service with over 1 billion free high-resolution images.
  • To publish your works here, simply create an account. You do not need it to view and download photos .
  • The application is absolutely free and is a great source of inspiration and searching for high-quality images.



  • Retrica is a photo editor for selfie fans. They will be pleased with a large selection of filters and stickers available to enhance their photos. 
  • Similar to Instagram, the application allows you to preview the filters even before taking the photo. 
  • You can create GIFs through the app, as well as share them on Instagram. 
  • As of December 2019, Retrica’s Chic filter package has been used to take over 1.2 trillion photos 



  • In 2012, Imgur received the TechCrunch Award as the best startup of the year.
  • It gives users the ability to easily and quickly post pictures and photos of high quality.
    In terms of the number of visitors, the Imgur even surpassed the world-famous Reddit.
  • Imgur specializes in photo collages, funny photos, and almost any other kind of image.
  • The main attraction is the originality of the images.
    If a user wants to climb to the top of the rankings, they just need to upload a picture that will attract the attention of users.
  • Imgur now has over 5.5 billion pageviews.
    From humble beginnings as a regular file downloader, it has already become a full-fledged social network.


Wrapping up

Instagram made its breakthrough. It has many fans and many critics. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many applications try to replicate its success or provide users with otherwise missing features.


Regardless of how many applications exist, each of them has a main idea, which served as the impetus for the development.

If you still haven't found your favorite photo-sharing app, maybe it’s a sign that you should think of a brand new mobile app development?

By the way, when creating a new application, using the Proof of Concept approach will give you a number of advantages.
With it unviable and impractical ideas will be eliminated at an early stage, and you can use the saved time and resources
to implement proven ideas.



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