Why you do not need a Project Manager?


It is quite often a case when a decision making person needs to understand whether there is a necessity of a dedicated professional who will manage his/her software development project. That is why many business/project owners try to find reasons for ‘Why they do not need a project manager’ as it looks like a possibility to save some money.

And if you are reading this you are either seeking confirmation of the fact that you don’t need a Project Manager, or conversely, you would like to know how a project without a professional Project Manager can exist.

Why you don't need a Project Manager

This statement is valid if the following assertions make sense to you.

  1. Nothing in my project needs planning, control or supervision, providing there is good communication. Everything will resolve itself in a natural way.
  2. There is no value in time spent on managing your project.
  3. You can do project management yourself. This is your only area of responsibility in the project at this moment. You are sure that there are no other options to use your time more effectively for the good of the project and your time is actually not more valuable than the cost of a hired Project Manager.
  4. All your team members have the same point of view, a high level of self-management, the highest possible grade of understanding complex tasks, they never argue and do not need an objective opinion.
  5. In your project there is no necessity to assign responsibility for successful planning and implementation of tasks to anyone personally. The responsibility assigned to engineers is enough to cover all risks (which are actually not necessary to manage either).

If even one of the above statements is not TRUE for you then it is better to think of delegating your project management to a professional Project Manager.

Written by
Bogdan K.

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