Relocation program

YSBM Group provides its employees with the possibility of relocation to the main office in Krakow, Poland. Each member of YSBM Group team has an opportunity to relocate by his own desire.

We are highly interested in making this process comfortable for our employees and strongly promoting the preparation of necessary documents to obtain a visa as well as provide consultation according to all questions that may exist. Our relocation consultant provides support to the employees during the whole relocation process, starting from a preliminary consultation at the stage of making a decision to move on all issues of interest to the very moment of arrival at the new location. Our employees may receive support in such questions as finding accommodation, best tickets price and the most convenient and profitable route, advices about adaptation etc.

In case when the employee is relocated at the request of the company, the last one reserves the right to make decisions about the period of payment for accommodation and the payment of the tickets for this employee.


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