Case Study: Handiscover - Developed by YSBM Group

Complex web platform which allows people with limited physical capacities book properties according to specific requests

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Case Study: StringLearning - Developed by YSBM Group

String Learning platform is an intelligent educational tool developed to advance your knowledge retention within record time.

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Case Study: Claims Online - Developed by YSBM Group

Claims Online is Web platform for insurance clients and services management. Specific CRM system for managing data for insurance agents/agencies.

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Case Study: Office Climate IOT system - Developed by YSBM Group

Build from scratch system for controlling working conditions in the office. Intuitive and applicable system to control internal office environment.

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Case Study: Invoice Generator - Developed by YSBM Group

Online financial operations system for managing invoices, payments and contractors. Develop according to requirements the web system from scratch

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